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text roster


Matt Henson

     Duties: President / Track & Field Committee Chair / Growth & Development

Cathi Monk

     Duties: Vice-President / Clinic Chair

Travis Gower

     Duties: Secretary / Business Partners, Sponsors, Revenue

Mike Beaudreau

     Duties: Treasurer / Membership

Andy Christie

     Duties: 7A Rep / Cross Country Committee Chair

Dan McCauley

     Duties: 1A Private Rep / Media Co-Chair

Scott Neal

     Duties: 1A Private Rep / Coaches Education / Strategic Plans & Goals Chair

Tim Suttles

     Duties: 1A Public Rep / Media Co-Chair

Will Wood

     Duties: 2A Rep / Research & Data Chair

Eric Heintz

     Duties: 4A Rep / Strategic Planning & Goals

Jason Newton

     Duties: 5A Rep

Claud Spinks

     Duties: 5A Rep / coaches Education / Distance Summit Chair

Patrick Parsons

     Duties: 6A Rep / Research & Data

Andrew Hudson

     Duties: Hall of Fame Chair

Nick Houstoulakis

     Duties: At-Large Rep / Coaches Education / Mentoring Program Chair

Mike Judge

     Duties: Club & Summer Rep / Coaches Education