An advocate and resource for the coaches/supporters of Georgia

Coaches Education Initiative 2018 & Beyond

The premise behind this is simple—our association is supposed to be “an advocate and resource for the coaches and supporters of Cross Country and Track & Field” in Georgia.  This is going to be an incredible (but limited) resource for our membership.

Beginning with the 2018 budget that we will vote to approve at the clinic, we are proposing within the budget an amount that would reimburse our members who apply (deadline/process TBA) to receive part/entire tuition cost for earning a coaching credential.  In addition, we have developed a recognition for coaches who have done/will complete this process.

Why is this important to us?  Because we all know that as coaches, we are teachers.  Our board believes that coaching/learning is a lifelong process, and we need to help continue the level of excellence/expertise that our coaches across the state already possess and take it to another level.

GATFXCCA Endorsement Program

All coaches who are current and provide evidence/equivalents of a credential(s) will be recognized in the membership list area as:

  • GATFXCCA Credentialed Coach 
    • USATF Level I or equivalents (USTFCCCA Technical)​
  • GATFXCCA Specialist Coach 
    • Equivalent of USATF Level II or equivalents (TBA)​
  • GATFXCCA Expert Coach 
    • Equivalent of multiple USATF Level II or equivalents (TBA)​
    • 15+ Years of service including a body of work/professional vitae of proven expertise approved by the Coaches Education Committee​
  • GATFXCCA Master Coach  
    • Equivalent of USATF Level III or equivalents 
  • GATFXCCA International Master Coach 
    • IAAF Level V Academy or equivalents (none at this time)
  • ​GATFXCCA Distinguished Coach (Highest honor bestowed besides the Hall of Fame)
    • Body of work evaluated by the Coaches Education Committee, minimum criteria TBA


Notification of Credential(s) Earned

Upon completion of any new credential (or one previously completed still in good standing), please email a copy of your certification to us at



Reimbursement Application

Member coaches who would like to apply for reimbursement for a credential program successfully completed can fill out the application linked below.  Reimbursements will be awarded on a 1st come/1st serve basis annually.

  • GATFXCCA Credential Reimbursement Application (Link coming soon)


Our Preference

The GATFXCCA will lobby for EXPERTISE and feel like there is a variety of options to achieve this.  Currently, we are aware of the USATF’s continued efforts to raise the level of coaching education as sports science / sports theory evolves, and the USTFCCCA’s programs are no different.

Should you find/know of a different program, feel free to contact us to provide information about the program.  Our Coaches Education Committee will research/evaluate the program for rigor/content and make a decision as quickly as possible.

Coaches Education Programs

In the meantime, KEEP LEARNING

The BEST coaches are the ones who ask/study/refine/seek/adapt
and understand they don’t know everything!