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The Hall of Fame Committee is seeking nominations for the 2017 XC selections.

2017 XC Hall of Fame Nomination Form (deadline Sept. 28 by midnight)

Track & Field Nominations will be held taken during winter 2018. 

Please scroll down to cross-reference your nominee already has not been inducted, as well as the criteria for nomination!


The GATFXCCA inducts our annual Hall of Fame Class in conjunction with the Atlanta Track Club All-Metro Banquet each December (XC)/June (T&F).


  • Athletes
    Must have competed in Georgia and be at least 5 years removed from graduation (not necessarily in GA) and must have demonstrated a high level of success/competitive dominance or record of contributions to the sport in GA.

  • Coaches
    Must be active for at least 20 years for consideration if they're still coaching or 5 years removed from the end of their career in GA if less than 20 years and must have a verifiable record of success/dominance and/or contributions to the sport.

  • At-Large/Others
    Considered if they have made contributions that don't fit into the athlete/coach category (officials, etc.).

Sorted Alphabetically

Member School/Affiliation Year of Induction
Ali, Janelle Crim 2000
Allen, Nona Pope 2004
Arnold, Jerry Carrollton/Brookwood (coach) 2005
Barbour, Kyla Marist 2003
Benson, Roy Marist (coach) 2005
Berry, Hiawatha Winder-Barrow 1995
Berry, Isaiah Winder-Barrow (coach) 2000
Bostic, Karl Parkview (coach) 2011
Boyd, Ben Lassiter 2001
Broom, Ronda Gullatte Sprayberry 2016
Brown, Joseph West Fulton 1998
Burns, Andy Pope 2004
Campbell, Milton Douglass-Atlanta (1994) 2000
Carnes, Jimmy Druid Hills 2016
Carter, Joe Shamrock/Brookwood 2007
Case, Lee Anne Walton 1995
Chadwick, Bill Lakeside-Dekalb (coach) 2004
Champion, Courtney Collins Hill 2011
Clanton, Ron Westover/Peachtree Ridge (coach) 2009
Cobb, Napoleon Southwest Dekalb (coach) 2002
Cook, Kelly Pace Academy/Westminster 1998
Coverdale, Anita Brookwood 2000
Crisp, Susan Brookwood 1996
Crowfoot, Josh South Gwinnett 2001
Deshane, Dana Sprayberry 2005
Dickinson, Ian Milton 2010
Dipaola, Tony Lakeside-Dekalb 2005
Drosky, Alan Riverdale 1995
Drouin, Jackie Collins Hill 2012
Edwards, Dothel Cedar Shoals 1995
Emmons, Julia Atlanta Track Club 2006
Fears, Emory North Springs /Headland 1997
Flack, James Gordon 1998
Florence, Natalie Collins Hill 2006
Frazier, Jerry North Fulton 1997
Gainey, Lewis UGA 1998
Gault, Willie Griffin 2016
Googe, Roscoe Marietta 2006
Gower, Lee Walton/North Cobb/McEachern (coach) 2002
Graddy, Sam North Atlanta 1996
Graham, Kevin Riverdale 2013
Graves, Lawrence Bass/Sylvan (coach) 1995
Grindstaff, Travis Etowah 1995
Hall, Brittany Meadowcreek 2013
Henderson, Danny Druid Hills 2000
Hoffa, Reese Lakeside-Evans 2008
Holliday, Cook Treutlin/Winder-Barrow (coach) 1999
Hubers, Ben McEachern 2017
Hutcherson, Ed Lassiter 2010
Jr., Morris Bryan Founder Ga. Olympics-Boys 1996
Keen, Chris Jefferson 2006
Keen, Jack Jefferson 1996
Kell, Chip Avondale (1967) 1998
King, Ralph St. Pius 1995
Kingdom, Roger Vienna 1995
Kinney, Mandy Brookwood 2010
Koshewa, Paul Westminster 1995
Labudde, Ashley St. Pius 2009
Lisska, Linda Brookwood  2002
Lukens, Meri Lassiter 1999
Lukens, Mindy Lassiter (1985) 1995
Mahone, Tasha Shaw 2002
Mahoney, Brendon Marist 2008
Mayo, Max Cedar Shoals 2014
Mensen, Brittney Alexander 2007
Merritt, Aries Wheeler 2012
Mickens, Lester Gordon (1976) 1996
Moss, Dick USATF-Georgia (official) 2010
Murphy, Tonya Carter Alexander 2005
Musselwhite, Craig Carrollton 2010
Nelson, Adam Lovett 2002
Nordheim, Carl Walton 1997
O'Brien, Eric Westminster 1998
Palmquist, Alena Walton 1995
Peterson, Derek Lovejoy 2002
Pettigrew, Antonio Southwest Macon 2005
Phillips, Dwight Tucker 2014
Prather, Anita Howard Butler 2012
Reese, Emily Chamblee 2014
Roberts, Eddie Lakeside- 2002
Scott, Jordan Oconee County 2013
Seabrooks, Johnny Dougherty County, Albany (AD) 2010
Sheskey, Bill Walton/Pope (coach) 2008
Sigler, Brady Elbert County (coach) 2012
Sitton, Tomy Brookwood/GACS/East Jackson (coach) 2013
Smith, Red Red Runners 1998
Smith, Stephanie Northeast Macon 2006
Sr., Antonion McKay Roosevelt 1996
Starr, Scott Cairo 2011
Stephenson, Tracey Westminster 1998
Taylor, Angelo Southwest Dekalb 2004
Taylor, Christian Sandy Creek 2017
Taylor, Tommy Cairo 1996
Thomas, April Westover 2008
Thompson, Mark Lakeside- 1999
Thorn, Bill Landmark Christian (coach) 2003
Thorne, Joe Lakeside-Dekalb 2009
Torrence, Gwen Columbia 1995
Trammell, Terrance Southwest Dekalb 2005
Trotter, DeeDee Cedar Grove 2017
Turchin, Kathleen North Gwinnett (2003) 2011
Valkenburg, Chase Van Avondale 1995
Walker, James West Fulton 1998
Walker, Perrin Georgia Military Academy (Woodward) 1996
Watson, Ricky Walker 1997
Wesley, Hawthorne Atlanta Track Club 1995
Westbrook, Richard Lovejoy/Riverdale 2004
Westphal, Marny Brookwood 1995
Williams, Neal Lassiter 1998
Williams, Tom Lassiter/Walton 2008
Willis, Tim Shamrock (1994) 2011
Winslow, Amanda Collins Hill 2017
Witherspoon, Reggie Wheeler 2011
Wommack, Shannon Heritage 2008



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  Sorted by Year of Induction

Member School/Affiliation Year of Induction
Christian Taylor Sandy Creek 2017
DeeDee Trotter Cedar Grove 2017
Ben Hubers McEachern 2017
Amanda Winslow Collins Hill 2017
Ronda Gullatte Broom Sprayberry 2016
Willie Gault Griffin 2016
Jimmy Carnes Druid Hills 2016
Max Mayo Cedar Shoals 2014
Dwight Phillips Tucker 2014
Emily Reese Chamblee 2014
Jordan Scott Oconee County 2013
Brittany Hall Meadowcreek 2013
Tomy Sitton Brookwood/GACS/East Jackson (coach) 2013
Kevin Graham Riverdale 2013
Aries Merritt Wheeler 2012
Brady Sigler Elbert County (coach) 2012
Anita Howard Prather Butler 2012
Jackie Drouin Collins Hill 2012
Courtney Champion Collins Hill 2011
Scott Starr Cairo 2011
Reggie Witherspoon Wheeler 2011
Tim Willis Shamrock (1994) 2011
Kathleen Turchin North Gwinnett (2003) 2011
Karl Bostic Parkview (coach) 2011
Johnny Seabrooks Dougherty County, Albany (AD) 2010
Mandy Kinney Brookwood 2010
Craig Musselwhite Carrollton 2010
Ian Dickinson Milton 2010
Ed Hutcherson Lassiter 2010
Dick Moss USATF-Georgia (official) 2010
Ashley Labudde St. Pius 2009
Joe Thorne Lakeside-Dekalb 2009
Ron Clanton Westover/Peachtree Ridge (coach) 2009
April Thomas Westover 2008
Reese Hoffa Lakeside-Evans 2008
Bill Sheskey Walton/Pope (coach) 2008
Brendon Mahoney Marist 2008
Shannon Wommack Heritage 2008
Tom Williams Lassiter/Walton 2008
Brittney Mensen Alexander 2007
Joe Carter Shamrock/Brookwood 2007
Chris Keen Jefferson 2006
Stephanie Smith Northeast Macon 2006
Roscoe Googe Marietta 2006
Julia Emmons Atlanta Track Club 2006
Natalie Florence Collins Hill 2006
Jerry Arnold Carrollton/Brookwood (coach) 2005
Terrance Trammell Southwest Dekalb 2005
Tonya Carter Murphy Alexander 2005
Tony Dipaola Lakeside-Dekalb 2005
Roy Benson Marist (coach) 2005
Dana Deshane Sprayberry 2005
Antonio Pettigrew Southwest Macon 2005
Nona Allen Pope 2004
Andy Burns Pope 2004
Richard Westbrook Lovejoy/Riverdale 2004
Bill Chadwick Lakeside-Dekalb (coach) 2004
Angelo Taylor Southwest Dekalb 2004
Kyla Barbour Marist 2003
Bill Thorn Landmark Christian (coach) 2003
Tasha Mahone Shaw 2002
Napoleon Cobb Southwest Dekalb (coach) 2002
Adam Nelson Lovett 2002
Derek Peterson Lovejoy 2002
Eddie Roberts Lakeside- 2002
Linda Lisska Brookwood  2002
Lee Gower Walton/North Cobb/McEachern (coach) 2002
Josh Crowfoot South Gwinnett 2001
Ben Boyd Lassiter 2001
Isaiah Berry Winder-Barrow (coach) 2000
Janelle Ali Crim 2000
Milton Campbell Douglass-Atlanta (1994) 2000
Anita Coverdale Brookwood 2000
Danny Henderson Druid Hills 2000
Cook Holliday Treutlin/Winder-Barrow (coach) 1999
Meri Lukens Lassiter 1999
Mark Thompson Lakeside- 1999
James Flack Gordon 1998
Kelly Cook Pace Academy/Westminster 1998
Chip Kell Avondale (1967) 1998
Red Smith Red Runners 1998
Lewis Gainey UGA 1998
Joseph Brown West Fulton 1998
Tracey Stephenson Westminster 1998
Eric O'Brien Westminster 1998
James Walker West Fulton 1998
Neal Williams Lassiter 1998
Ricky Watson Walker 1997
Carl Nordheim Walton 1997
Jerry Frazier North Fulton 1997
Emory Fears North Springs /Headland 1997
Sam Graddy North Atlanta 1996
Lester Mickens Gordon (1976) 1996
Antonion McKay, Sr. Roosevelt 1996
Perrin Walker Georgia Military Academy (Woodward) 1996
Susan Crisp Brookwood 1996
Jack Keen Jefferson 1996
Tommy Taylor Cairo 1996
Morris Bryan, Jr. Founder Ga. Olympics-Boys 1996
Lee Anne Case Walton 1995
Mindy Lukens Lassiter (1985) 1995
Chase Van Valkenburg Avondale 1995
Gwen Torrence Columbia 1995
Roger Kingdom Vienna 1995
Hiawatha Berry Winder-Barrow 1995
Paul Koshewa Westminster 1995
Hawthorne Wesley Atlanta Track Club 1995
Travis Grindstaff Etowah 1995
Alan Drosky Riverdale 1995
Alena Palmquist Walton 1995
Marny Westphal Brookwood 1995
Dothel Edwards Cedar Shoals 1995
Ralph King St. Pius 1995
Lawrence Graves Bass/Sylvan (coach) 1995