An advocate and resource for the coaches/supporters of Georgia

Memberships run annually from clinic to clinic

Membership Options

  • Annual Individual $20 
  • Staff Memberships will no longer be available--see important option below
  • 2019 Clinic registration/attendance will INCLUDE your annual individual membership from now on! 
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Membership Types

  • Section 305(a) Regular members. Membership in this organization shall be open to all track and field and/or cross country coaches, heads or assistants, and community coaches of the GHSA affiliated schools and includes all voting priveleges on GATFXCCA elections.
  • Section 305(b) Associate members. People who do not qualify for regular membership (club coaches, supporters, fans, former athletes, etc) shall be eligible for associate membership. Associate members shall receive all benefits but shall not have the privilege of voting in GATFXCCA elections.
  • Section 305(c) Honorary members. The Awards Committee may recommend to the Executive Committee that an individual receive an honorary membership in recognition of their accomplishments in the sports of Track and Field or Cross Country or their service to the GATFXCCA. Honorary membership may be bestowed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.